Achieve the future you want: act on your dream.

Act On Your Dream!
December 23, 2005 Issue #4
Written by John L. Dilbeck
Copyright © 2005 John L. Dilbeck

What Is Your Dream?

What do you truly want to accomplish with your life?

Why aren't you doing it?

I am dedicating all of this newsletter, most of, the A Year From Now Forum, the Success Cooperative Forum, and other resources (see links below) to help you tell us your dream and to make it real. It is my hope that many others will find us and we can help each other identify our dreams, share them in public, plan how to achieve them, and then act to achieve our dreams in as little as a year from now.

I truly believe that change can be made much more quickly than we've been led to believe. I've also observed, however, that we'll stick with the devil we know rather than launching out into the unknown and potentially facing the devil we don't know.

You can either choose to delay until the effort and pain of continuing as you're going is much more difficult than making a change, or you can decide right now that you're going to make some changes and have a better life a year from now.

What are you waiting on? Who will you be a year from now?

Act on your dream!


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Table Of Contents

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  • News
    1. Happy Holidays!
    2. Women for Women
  • Articles
    1. Blogs Confusion: What I learned about free blog hosting - By John L. Dilbeck


Happy Holidays!

I don't mean to step on any toes and I hope I'm not about to offend anyone, but I'm really tired of this whole "Merry Christmas" versus "Happy Holidays" controversy. I refuse to participate in it.

There are many holidays and occasions that are celebrated this time of the year, and I want to wish you the best of whatever you celebrate. Enjoy the warmth of family and friends and relax for a bit.

I'm sending you my wish that the very best day you've enjoyed in 2005 will be the worst day of 2006. May you have health, happiness, wealth, friendship, love, and success in the coming year.

Women for Women

When I first started thinking about a success cooperative, I was thinking of people coming together to help people succeed. The organization mentioned below, Women for Women, is doing just that.

About a year ago, they had a vision of helping others succeed. They decided upon a goal, set their plans in motion, and now, in less than a year, they have raised the greater portion of a quarter-million dollars and they're looking to cooperate with other organizations to help increase the success of everyone involved..

You can do this, too.

Find a group doing what you want to do, or start one of your own. Like-minded people, working together, can accomplish miracles in a short time.

Who will you be a year from now?

Act on your dream!

Women for Women Grants Application Deadline -- February 3, 2006 -- Western North Carolina

(Asheville, North Carolina)

Almost one year ago, they began coming together, a group of women who wanted to create positive change for women and girls in western North Carolina.

They formed Women for Women and now have more than $185,000 to grant in the coming months to nonprofit organizations and public agencies that serve women in crisis. Grants from $30,000 to $100,000 are available, and the deadline to apply is Friday, February 3, 2006.

To date, 188 women have become members of Women for Women, a special initiative of the Community Foundation of Western North Carolina that encourages women's philanthropy. Each member contributes $1,100 per year for three years, then together they learn about pressing needs facing women throughout the region and determine how to direct their funds.

During the first year of grantmaking, the membership decided to award grants to organizations that are helping economically disadvantaged women rebuild their lives and be more self-sufficient.

"We are looking for applicants that can supply safety net programs to prevent setbacks for women such as homelessness, joblessness, and hunger," said Carol Minton, chair of the grants committee. "We plan to fund groups that work cooperatively with others, address causes rather than symptoms, and make a lasting impact."

To be eligible for consideration, a nonprofit organization or public agency must meet specific guidelines and serve one or more of the 18 counties in the western North Carolina region.

To apply for a grant or become a member of Women for Women, visit Community Foundation of Western North Carolina or call 828-254-4960.


Blogs Confusion: What I learned about free blog hosting

Over the last month or so, I've had nothing but frustration because of I don't really know what happened or why it happened, because repeated inquiries have been ignored.

So, I decided it was time to move on.

It started when I began publicizing special offer coupons from I started a new blog and began posting some of the coupons.

The next thing I knew, I was blocked by Blogger. I've told the story in my blogs, and won't go into it here. Most of my old Blogger blogs are archived at a new domain, Blog Feed Syndication. Many of those blogs will be deactivated. Some have been revived as categories at a new domain,

Using Radio Userland to power that site, as well as WordPress to power several other domains, I am no longer dependent upon Blogger and have reclaimed my ability to say what I want to say with no interference.

I'm posting the discount coupons at and, as a bonus, am able to present the coupons in multiple categories, including the expiration month and year, country, state, and more. None of this was possible at Blogger.

Other blogs are still being converted and I'll be updating links for at least two or three more weeks before I get back to where I was in early November, but, once it's done, I'll be much better off.

Whether or not anyone else is interested, I find that I have a lot to say and I like helping others succeed, no matter how small my contribution may be.

Eventually, I'll have the time to update the list of blogs, forums, and websites I manage, and I'll try to get it done in January.

The lesson I learned?

It's one I should have learned years ago.

Do not base your business on free services. They may disappear overnight.

Or, they may decide to change the rules.

If you read the terms of service for, they actually say that the only recourse you have if you don't like what they do is to leave!

I should have seen that when I read the TOS months ago.

I won't say all free services are suspect, but you should be aware and decide for yourself.

Caveat Emptor -- let the buyer beware.

There is no doubt that my communications infrastructure will be better after all this work and I'll be able to send what I say to a wider audience, but it has been a major hassle and has interfered with all the other things I wanted to do this month.

During the same time, Ken Evoy and his crew of outstanding propellerheads introduced a new blogging tool, Blog It!, to their Site Build It! service.

While it doesn't do a lot of the things I can do with WordPress or Mambo, it is so simple to use that I really don't mind. If you are interested, you can see it in action at my website. Every time I update a page or add a new page, it is added to the blog automatically with no effort on my part at all. I just edit the page and when I rebuild it, the blog and its associated RSS file are updated immediately by the system.

If I want to add a message to the blog, I can do that, too.

What it does, it does very well.

It does not offer archiving, comments, trackbacks, or categories, however. If you need those, you should look into a different tool, such as WordPress. WordPress announced, just a few days ago, that Yahoo! small business webhosting is now offering WordPress installation and updating for less than $12 a month. If you just want to blog and don't want to be bothered by updating and maintaining the programming that powers your blog, this may be for you.

Most people, I think, would be adequately served by SBI and the new Blog It! feature, especially if you don't want to devote several hours per week to researching, writing, and posting to your blog.

Plan ahead, to the best of your ability, before you commit your time, energy, and money to anything that is provided free. Be aware that a time may come when it becomes more of a hindrance than a resource.

By buying the best service you can find, you will probably be better off. That's why I recommend Site Build It so much. It just keeps getting better and better and the price has actually declined over the last couple of years.

It may not be the best solution for everyone -- and I could not do many of the things I do on some of my other websites if they were hosted by SBI -- but for the great majority of people who just want to build their business online, it makes a very complicated and time-consuming process much easier and efficient.

What's your dream? It's up to you to find a way to make it happen.

We'll help, but YOU must act on your dream to make it real.

Until next time,

All the best,


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