Achieve the future you want: act on your dream.

Act On Your Dream!
February 27, 2006 Issue #5
Written by John L. Dilbeck
Copyright © 2006 John L. Dilbeck

What Is Your Dream?

What do you truly want to accomplish with your life?

Why aren't you doing it?

I am dedicating all of this newsletter, most of, the A Year From Now Forum, the Success Cooperative Forum, and other resources (see links below) to help you tell us your dream and to make it real. It is my hope that many others will find us and we can help each other identify our dreams, share them in public, plan how to achieve them, and then act to achieve our dreams in as little as a year from now.

I truly believe that change can be made much more quickly than we've been led to believe. I've also observed, however, that we'll stick with the devil we know rather than launching out into the unknown and potentially facing the devil we don't know.

You can either choose to delay until the effort and pain of continuing as you're going is much more difficult than making a change, or you can decide right now that you're going to make some changes and have a better life a year from now.

What are you waiting on? Who will you be a year from now?

Act on your dream!


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Table Of Contents

Table of Contents block:

  • News
    1. Blog Changes Completed
  • Articles
    1. Powerful Intentions
    2. Squidoo
    3. Swickis


Blog Changes Completed

It took over 10 weeks to do it, but I've completely modified my blog and blog feed syndication infrastructure.

Now, my main blog is at and I have quite a few others.

None of my blogs are powered by nor hosted at I'm using a variety of blogging tools including Radio Userland, Manilla, WordPress, Mambo, and others.

Several of my blogs such as and are divided into multiple categories and some of those categories are syndicated as individual blogs, now.

All my old blogs from Blogger/Blogspot are archived on a new domain I built for just that purpose:

Now that all this work is done, I'll get out of development mode and move back into researching and writing.


Powerful Intentions

(Update: June 2008. Powerful Intentions' original site has been shut down and the community has been moved. The original links in this story do not work. I have deleted all the links. You are welcome to visit my new Powerful Intentions Profile page. JD)

I've been a member of Powerful Intentions for quite some time, but I'm just now starting to really make use of it.

The more I look around, the more I find very supportive and helpful people who are interested in a variety of topics that interest me.

In a lot of ways, Powerful Intentions is similar to the success cooperative I've been wanting to build.

You are welcome to visit my page at Powerful Intentions and I invite you to read my blog and participate on our forums there.

You can get a free membership and tell us about yourself and your interests, too.

I heartily recommend this site.


What is Squidoo?

I first learned about Squidoo from Pat Thompson and Julieanne van Zyl. They created a forum for discussing Search Engine Optimization with Squidoo and you are invited to join us there.

I know, I haven't answered the question yet.

A Squidoo lens is basically a one-page website that points to information about a topic that is on other websites. There are links at the top of the Search Engine Optimization with Squidoo forum, listed above.

I've created a few Squidoo lenses and I invite you to visit them. While you're there, I would appreciate it if you rank them by clicking on the stars at the top of each page. You can rank them from 1 star (lowest) to 5 stars (highest).

Are you an expert on something? Build your own Squidoo lens and tell the world. It's free, and you may even earn some money from it.


Pat and Julieanne also introduced me to Swickis.

A Swicki is a customized search engine focused on whatever topic you want.

A few minutes ago, I added a swicki to the home page and the search page at A Year From Now.

Last week, I created and added a swicki to almost every page on A Portal for Cherokee County, NC.

Each of these topic-focused customized search engines produce better results than I get from Google, Yahoo, and MSN -- at least from my viewpoint.

It took less than an hour to create and train each swicki, and they will now learn from the community of visitors who search with them.

There's still a lot to learn about this, but I'm finding them very useful, so far.

Perhaps you'll find a use for one (or more), too.

What's your dream? It's up to you to find a way to make it happen.

We'll help, but YOU must act on your dream to make it real.

Until next time,

All the best,


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