Being financially independent

by Jolanda
(The Netherlands)

For years I've had this dream to be financially independent.

I plan to do this through my websites (I use SBI as well) and really think that I'll be able to do it because my sites have been growing faster than I could ever think.

Yesterday I went for an astrological consultation by one the best astrologers in the country and he told me that I will have chances to reach my goal in 2013/2014. It is funny because for about 10 years now I've been saying to friends and family that I will reach my goal by 2013 without knowing anything about my horoscope.

I am on the road to my goal and it feels good.

For years my family and friends have also told me not to be so adamant about this dream, because I might fail.

I know for sure that I'm not going to fail.

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