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...and you can, too.

After all, Site Build It webmasters are no different than you.

Each of us has a dream of what we want to accomplish and are looking for a way to do the best we can.

Many of us have learned the hard way that there is a vital difference between having just a website and having a successful website that continually attracts visitors and produces a reliable revenue stream.

Yes, at first glance Site Build It! appears to cost a good bit more than traditional hosting, but when you compare all that SBI offers, you will find that it compares very well on price and nothing else comes close to all the features SBI offers.

I find that I do less work on this site than all my others and still outperforms almost all of my other sites and it is the easiest to maintain.

Sometimes it can be difficult to understand something just by reading about it, so here's your chance to take a few minutes and see Ken Evoy give you a brief overview of Site Build It!

(Open this video in a new window)

Site Build It! customers are unlike other customers I've seen. We are dedicated to Site Build It and all it does for us, and that includes more than just hosting our websites.

Here are a few SBI customers who tell you, in their own words and videos they created themselves, just why "I Love Site Build It!"

I won't try to convince you. I'll just point to other Site Build It webmasters and let them tell you how they are acting on their dreams and how much they have been able to accomplish. Don't waste your valuable time going down the wrong path. I lost most of 2006 because I was constantly rebuilding and managing other websites while this one just kept working for me with very little attention.

You want to accomplish something, right? Who will you be a year from now?

Act on your dream!

Others are doing it and you can, too.

One way to get started on achieving your dream is to learn just some of what's happening behind the scenes for Site Build It webmasters.

Have you seen the official SBI blog? Ken Evoy, Founder of Sitesell, writes about his thoughts about online marketing, building successful websites, and other related topics. The Sitesell Blog also features information for affiliates and SBI webmasters. It is a good glimpse behind the scenes of what's happening at Sitesell and new features that are constantly being introduced in SBI.

Site Build It! Lens on Squidoo

I've been building a lens about Site Build It, a revolution in website design, hosting, and promotion on Squidoo, with the help of several webmasters who are building their businesses using SBI.

On that Squidoo lens, you'll find a list of websites built with, or about, Site Build It.

More about SBI! webmasters

Solo Build It! is a very different way to design, build, host, and promote a website - one that gets regular visits and makes a profit - if you follow the step by step directions that are included.

Unlike other webhosting services, Solo Build It! offers time-tested advice and instructions on how to research a niche that offers a better-than-average chance of being competitive. By building a site about a topic you love in a niche that is less competitive than most, you have a better chance of attracting more visitors and making more sales.

Of course, your success is not guaranteed, but many people have found that Solo Build It! allows them to concentrate on building content about the topics in which they are interested and then let the automatic promotional tools built into SBI do the background work of notifying the search engines, building site maps, pinging the newsfeed aggregators, and all the other things that you don't have to be concerned with.

As they say, Solo Build It webmasters work smarter, not harder.

While SBI offers a great way for new website owners to get started, it also offers powerful tools that work great for advanced, more technically-inclined webmasters who just don't want to have to bother with all the things that Solo Build It! does for us automatically.

I'm one of those advanced webmasters who is coming to prefer Solo Build It! more and more as I have to tackle a seemingly never ending series of problems with my other sites that are not hosted by SBI.

Where do I go from here?

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