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I find it educational and entertaining to read famous quotations by authors, business leaders, politicians, and others of influence in our society.

I enjoy reading a pithy statement that makes me stop and consider the different meanings and layered concepts that can lurk behind a simple statement.

Not all quotes are thought provoking, so I tend to read through many quotes by famous people and only select a handful for inclusion on this site.

To be included, each quote should relate to success, failure, perseverance, inspiration, motivation, ways to improve your life, attracting prosperity, abundance, or a related topic.

Many times, over the past few decades, I've read an intriguing quotation and then took the time to learn more about that person. I've discovered many great books that have expanded my horizons and enriched my perception of the world and the people who live here.

Perhaps you'll be attracted to some of the famous quotations and the works from which they derive.

Success Quotations

Success Quotes

Success comes in many forms and from many directions. We present success quotes from the famous and not-so-famous. This page is devoted to quotations related to achieving success in our lives and careers.

Napoleon Hill Quotes

Napoleon Hill Quotations

Napoleon Hill is widely recognized by many as the founder of modern personal success literature. His most famous work, Think and Grow Rich, is one of the best-selling books of all time. I have been collecting great quotations from his writings for years and continue to add more as I find them.

Sir Winston Churchill Quotes

Sir Winston Churchill Quotations

Sir Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchill was a British politician who served twice as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. He was a noted statesman, orator, strategist, and an officer in the British Army. The quotes on our Winston Churchill quotations page are some of the most popular and famous sayings attributed to him.

Euripides Quotes

Euripides Quotations

This page presents selected quotations from the Greek tragedies of Euripides related to success, character, and wealth.

Inspirational Quotes

Inspirational Quotations

Each of us has favorite inspirational quotations that we use to keep us on track and acting on our dreams. Here are some that have been submitted by visitors to our site. You are invited to submit your favorite inspirational and motivational quotations, too.

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