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In this section of Act On Your Dream!, you'll find original articles submitted by visitors and members of our community.

These stories will offer tips, how-to advice, resources, tools, inspiration, and motivation to help you act on your dream and achieve more success in your life.

As more items are submitted, this page will be split into multiple categories, and we hope there will be a flood of information to help you plan how to make your dream come true and then to work towards achieving the goals in that plan.

We hope you find this information instructive and useful.

Inspirational Authors and Books

Who was Napoleon Hill? -- Think and Grow Rich -- The Law of Success
Napoleon Hill is widely recognized as the founder of modern personal success literature. His most famous work, Think and Grow Rich, is one of the best-selling books of all time. Learn more...

Articles by Dan Kennedy
Dan Kennedy, author of over a dozen highly acclaimed books on business and marketing, also writes articles to help you learn the success methods thousands of entrepreneurs use to create successful businesses in hundreds of different categories.

Articles by Dr. Robert Anthony
Dr. Robert Anthony writes articles about self-improvement, motivation, and how to create the success you want and deserve...

Personal Success Stories

Who could believe it?
Jane Jarvis asks, "Who would have thought eighteen months ago I would be where I am today?"

Caribbean Artist Gets Late Start in Pursuing His Dreams
Romeo Downer tells us it is never too late to achieve those dreams of our childhood. Learn from his tale of becoming a Caribbean Artist.

Your Own Business

How My Jewelry Business Evolved from a Pair of Earrings
Rena Klingenberg writes, "My handcrafted jewelry business has evolved from a few pairs of earrings displayed on a craft show table, to having my gemstone creations worn by customers in at least 18 countries around the world..."

Setting Personal Goals

Is Setting Personal Goals REALLY Necessary?
Colin Dunbar tells us that setting personal goals is very important or your chances of succeeding are reduced dramatically...

How to Identify an Effective Goal Setting System
Colin Dunbar tells us that a goal setting system should never be complex to use; in fact it should be very easy...

Time Management

Time management tips to help you make the most of your day.
Lisa Jay offers some good time management tips to help you use your precious time more wisely...

Keep Your Dreams Alive

Dreams Are Waiting
R. G. Srinivasan urges us to dream big. Don't let others kill your dreams and rob you of achieving what you truly want.

Dreams Can Come True
Barbara Shanahan reminds us that our dreams remain only wishes or fantasies until we have the courage to take steps toward achieving them.

Self-improvement resources


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