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Is there such a thing as an effective goal setting system?

Let's start by looking at what a system is...

A system is a step-by-step process enabling the successful completion of a group of tasks.

One of the oldest and possibly the best known systems in existence is that of the vehicle assembly line.

What then is a goal setting system?

A goal setting system should never be complex to use; in fact it should be very easy, almost to the point that it is seemingly non-existent. Apart from being easy to use, it should definitely be easy to understand. When a goal setting system is difficult to understand, the user will be distracted by the system, and thus not progress with the goal.

A practical aspect of a goal setting system is that it should allow the user to follow a step-by-step procedure in the achievement of the goal. As each of us are unique, a goal setting system should never dictate rigid procedures, thus it should be able to be personalized. A process or procedure that is right for Joe Soap is not necessarily right for you or me. You and I are individuals, and just as we have different tastes in, for examples, shoes, it is important that a goal setting system be adaptable.

An important aspect is that it should enable you to focus on the steps of your goal. By concentrating on the "big picture" you will not be as effective, in the achievement of your goal, as it will be if you focus on the doable steps.

An effective system needs to enable you to set priorities, and it should assist you in being organized with regard to your goal requirements. The only objective of a goal setting system should enable and aid you to REACH your goal.

Clarify your goals

An effective goal setting system must provide the tools to enable you to clarify your goal. Having the goal, for example, to make a million, is not as effective as having a clear path of how you will achieve this. Part of enabling you to clarify your goal, is enabling you to set realistic milestones.

The system should also provide a clear goal setting process, and it should provide the tools to offer you encouragement along your goal setting path. Reaching for a worthwhile goal will almost certainly bring its fair share of obstacles, and this is where an effective system can be worth its weight in gold.

Where the system explains the goal setting steps, this should be done clearly, with no ambiguity. It also needs to explain the practical techniques to determine the steps, as well as offer methods to develop the steps into the successful achievement of a goal.

Goal path

To come up with the idea for a goal is the easy part. An effective system must provide the tools to enable you to constantly move forward with your goal, from start to successful achievement of your goal. This includes tools to enable you to remain on your path, and equip you to deal with obstacles.

It should offer practical goal setting techniques and methods to enable you to develop persistence in the pursuit of your goal. Whatever your goal is, you will need to persist in order to achieve it, and therefore, this is an important aspect of successful goal setting.

An effective goal setting system should enable you to reach your goal.

Avoid negativity

No system about goal setting should be without techniques and methods help you deal with negativity. This is possibly the biggest deterrent in your reaching your goal. If a goal setting system does not offer practical tools to deal with this it is totally worthless.

Why goals are important

When you have a passion for something, reaching your goal is effortless - everything you do towards your goal is a pleasure. If you do not - or haven't yet identified your passion - you can still set a goal. Having a goal gives you something to aim at, it lights that fire, that burning desire to succeed.

Working towards a goal can mean the difference between mediocrity and excellence. The difference between contentment and misery. When you don't have a goal to aim for, you can often wonder aimlessly through life, never experiencing the exhilaration of the successful achievement of a goal.

In closing, a goal setting system must be easy to use. It should also be able to be personalized - we're all different, and what works for Joe Soap, does not necessarily work for you. A key element of an effective goal setting system should require minimal effort, in that it should almost be invisible, but still enable you to reach your goal.

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