Personal philosophy on life...

by John Dilbeck
(Murphy, NC)

"At the end of the day, if we don't impact the lives of others in some positive way, I don't believe we've lived a life that amounts to much." -- Ken Evoy

This is something Ken said in his blog post: A business mindset and other lessons.

That philosophy really resonates with me.

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May 20, 2011
by: Larry

That's a tremendous philosophy John.

Something else Ken Evoy once wrote ( in MYSS I think)

He was quoting a line spoken by a character in a movie played by Danny DeVito.

"The choices we make dictate the lives we lead."

That one line woke me up. It is true, it is no good blaming life's problems on other people or on bad luck. By and large, it is the decisions we make that get us to where we are. There are some things that are outside of our control of course, but even then we have to decide on how we handle them.

May 20, 2011
The choices we make...
by: John Dilbeck

Larry, I know where you read that.

It's on page 18 of the Service Sellers Masters Course. Here's the quote from the course Ken wrote:

Time for a philosophical perspective...

In life, the vast majority of people just keep doing the "same old thing." It seems easier that way. But it guarantees the "same old results." So in the long run, it's actually much, much harder.

In the movie, "The Renaissance Man," Danny De Vito's character makes a profound statement...

"The choices we make dictate the lives we lead."

To paraphrase...

"Where you are today is the result of all the choices and actions that you have made in your life."

When he said that, I remember thinking, "You know, he's right. Except in rare cases of extraordinarily good or bad luck, everyone basically ends up where they are as a result of choices they make and courses of action they take."

People tend to blame a lack of success in life on "bad luck" or "poor timing" or other people. And yes, at times, that can be accurate. A heck of a lot of factors beyond our control can blindside us. In the long run, however, as long as we persist in our efforts, these factors tend to even out and De Vito's statement remains valid.

(If anyone wants to read it, the Service Sellers Masters Course is available as a free download.)

Sep 06, 2011
Amazingly Inspirational

Hello John n friends, I'm Keith in UK.

Just joined your blog after linking in from a post on SBI "I'm always worried, what if ..." (PC backup question).

I'm also worried about where I'll be a year from now and your excellent site that I've subscribed to looks like an excellent investment in time away from other distractions while trying to formulate and construct my own website.

Can anyone remember a record released in the 80s called "path's through history" that was choc full of famous quotes from mostly handicapped famous people, and saying at the end of the song: "handicaps that might have stopped them cold, but went on to win their greatest achievements".

Not on youtube anywhere!

Regards, Keith.

Sep 12, 2011
Where we'll be a year from now
by: John Dilbeck

Good morning, Keith.

Thanks for dropping by and joining the conversation.

I don't remember a record called "Paths through history."

I just did a search on Google and it didn't come up for any of the several searches I performed, but maybe I just didn't use the right keywords. It sounds like something I'd like to listen to.

Many times, it's the adversities in our lives that give us the strength and purpose to act on our dreams.

Best wishes for success with your website!


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