The Darkest Moment is .....

by Boom

Hello People around the world, I'm extremely glad to write this to all of you, and I hope that you'll love this story, and you'll learn the desired lesson of it...

Just before writing the Details, I'm only 18 years old, but after what happened, I believed that I grew up (perhaps Wiser than the Wisdom).

My story started by returning to my homeland and gettin' a culture shock!!

I haven't been there before, I haven't been with siblings for a very long time, I haven't seen any of my relatives and the Worst, I don't understand what they say!!

I was just like "Dunce" there, I felt very hard for this, I cried alot, but people didn't understand why, and never ask me!!

I was in the final year in my highschool, about to graduate, and guess what!! the whole modules was 100% different to what I have studied before +PLUS+ they weren't in English!! I used to get Full marks and 99.4% at my last year before coming back home, so it was really a BIG SHOCK to me.

I felt that I'm a loser, I can't handle it anymore, I must give up learning and blahblah... But once, I was siting alone "as usual" by myself, I was gloomy and my sister come in.

Guess what? She was listening to loud music as usual (it was purple Line Done by DBSK (aka TVXQ) ). I won't lie but this music really made me feel better and when I look for the Lyric translation on the internet, oh!! there was a BIG change in me, it said something like (even yesterday was hard, I won't give up, I'll start by today, I change myself to be the best) and all of those encouraging words.

I know it looks like a miracle to change by only one song, but for me it is, Believe it or not, I pass the last year in high school *Little hard* but I got 92.2% at least, I'm still excellent.

The most important thing is that I'm 100% confident now.

I believe that this is the biggest success in my life, and the other successes are coming.

Here are a list in my To-Do List:-

1) I Registered to University to get BEd in English (I astonished my teachers, they say that I'm the Best)

2) I started networkin' so you can contact me (reply to me if you want it

3) I started my online Art gallery in DeviantArt

4) As soon As possible I'll make a blog for people who want to find the real happiness and success in their life with other cool stuffs

5) I'm underdebut singer, but very very soon my first debut single will come

Something already done:

1) Project "WAIi- chapter Zero" as soon as possible I'll upload it to DeviantArt and other Web comics sites

2) "Hi, Hello World" song, will be released on 8\Dec\2010 my birthday

3) "Hey!Oh!" song, will be released on 31\Dec\2010 and 1\1\2011

4) "That's English" online English lessons for non-native speakers who wants to improve their english (English in Comics way)

This is Me and this is how I changed.

I'm BooM. Love you all guyz. Peace.

Hi, Boom.

Thanks for sharing your story. I'm sorry it took so long to approve it and publish it on the site. I was very sick for the last couple of years and I'm just now starting to work on this site, again.

Many years ago, I was depressed because of a broken relationship and a downturn in my career. One song helped me turn my life around and get back to work. It was the theme song from Flashdance. Even now, many years later, I feel inspired to act on my dream every time I hear Flashdance - Oh What a Feeling! So, I can relate to your story.

Here's the song:

I hope things are going well for you!


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