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What the heck is a weblog. That's what they were commonly called when I first wrote this page. You're probably used to hearing them called "blogs."

There are millions of blogs that talk about every topic you can think of (and probably many that you can't).

Over the last few years, I've read thousands of weblogs, and I will recommend only a few that have consistently good content.

SiteSell blog

To make it easy for all us to catch up on any newsletter we may have missed, the Sitesell Blog includes links to all the newsletters. I highly recommend the 5 Pillar Affiliate Report to you. It's a great way to get an online marketing education at no cost. While it is targeted specifically at helping you sell Site Build It!, many of the lessons can be applied to other products and services, too.

Now and then, Ken posts blog messages related mostly to online marketing. One of my favorites is Success Stories And Mooch Marketing. If you are interested in online marketing, I urge you to read this article.

Seth's blog

Seth Godin is a marketing wizard with a great track record. He is an accomplished author and a principal in Squidoo.com.

Seth's Blog is a collection of short, but pithy, posts about marketing and life. Most will make you stop and think.

Seth's brainchild, Squidoo.com, has made it easy for thousands of people to create hundreds of thousands of pages of information, called lenses, about a wide variety of topics. I love Squidoo and have ideas for dozens of pages, when I can find the time to create them. You're invited to visit my lensmasters profile page to see what I'm doing on Squidoo.

I recently read Seth Godin's latest book, Tribes: We need you to lead us, and I'm enjoying his thoughts on leadership and creating our own tribes.

I'm Just Sharing blog

T. T. "Mitch" Mitchell is the author of I'm Just Sharing, where he writes about lots of topics, including blogging, online marketing, affiliate marketing, writing, and "other stuff."

I'm not sure when I first discovered Mitch and his blog, but it has become one of my favorite destinations and I almost always enjoy reading what he has to say. I don't make it there every day, but I visit several times per week and he and I have had some interesting conversations on his blog and on a couple of mine.

If you're not reading I'm Just Sharing, you're missing out on some interesting thoughts, observations, and conversations.

Men With Pens blog

I just discovered this blog a couple of months ago and liked it so much that I subscribed to their RSS feed.

In March of 2008 they wrote a post called How to Accomplish Your Dreamsand it resulted in a long and very interesting discussion in the comments. I think you'll find it both intersting and instructive.

You might also enjoy their post about How Do You Know When You’ve Reached Success?

ProBlogger blog

I read Darren Rowse's Make Money Online with ProBlogger Blog Tips weblog on a regular basis. I subscribe to his newsletter and subscribe to his blog's news feed so I don't miss anything.

I have learned a lot from Darren and I enjoy the material he covers and how he writes about it.

If you have an intention to earn money with your blog, you can learn a lot from Darren and the other bloggers he links to.

If you are a beginning blogger, I especially recommend his Blogging for Beginners series.

For more experienced bloggers, you will find many posts that contain valuable information, tips, advice, and opinions.

You may enjoy his 10 Steps for Writing a Successful Series on your Blogarticle. I think this advice could be useful for article marketing, too.

This blog is highly recommended.

Darren is a co-author, with Chris Garrett, of their book, ProBlogger: Secrets for Blogging Your Way to a Six-Figure Income. If you are interested in blogging for your income, this book comes highly recommended by people I trust. I have not yet had the opportunity to read this book, but it's on my list of things to do.

Steve Pavlina's
Personal Development Blog

I discovered Steve Pavlina's Personal Development Blog in early 2008 and it has become one of my favorites.

Actually, I didn't so much discover it as just followed Ken Evoy's recommendation of Steve's site and blog. I first went to Steve's site because Ken noted that he was one of the top affiliates for Site Build It!, and I wanted to see how he was doing it.

What I discovered was a massive and very helpful site that had lots of good advice, articles, a blog, and a very active forum.

It didn't take long to become one of Steve Pavlina's fans, and now I read his blog on a regular basis.

In October, 2008, Steve's new book, Personal Development for Smart People, was released to wide acclaim. I'm currently reading it and I'll be posting my review of the book, soon.

If you are interested in personal development and self-improvement, I recommend Steve Pavlina to you.

Scripting News

I read Dave Winer's Scripting News blog on a regular basis.

In my mind, Dave is the father of blogging. I know lots of people had a hand in it, but I've followed Dave and the products he developed over the years. I first learned about blogging when he called it Edit This Page.

My first blog was originally called John Dilbeck's Musings. Over the years, I've tested other blogging platforms and didn't really understand the power of this site until I lost it back in January, 2007.

(I restarted it later as John Dilbeck And Friends, and this time it is powered by WordPress and is hosted on its own domain.)

Userland, a company that Dave created years ago and sold some time back, had been hosting my original blog for years at no charge. I was informed in December 2006 that I would have to pay to keep it alive. I don't mind paying, but I forgot all about it when Mom broke her leg in early December and I was making daily trips to the nursing home where she was undergoing rehab.

I was reminded that I hadn't renewed, but I waited too long and the site was deleted. That got my attention and I paid for a year of hosting.

Why am I telling you this?

Because I've been using Dave's products for years. From Clay Basket to Frontier to Manila to Radio Userland, I've built sites using the tools Dave and the crew at Userland.com have developed. I manage a dozen static sites using Radio Userland and also use it to power my blog located at [this blog has been deleted, because Radio Userland is no longer being developed].

Dave is one of the fathers of RSS, and considers it to mean Really Simple Syndication. His version 0.91 is widely used and version 2.0 includes the 0.91 structure. Other variations are not as friendly or as easy to use.

Dave is a man of great intellect, strong opinions, lots of fans, and lots of detractors. He is one of those polarizing personalities that make things happen around him. Love him or hate him, he gets things done.

I have learned a lot from Dave Winer and I still use the products he developed on a daily basis.

He's been talking about retiring Scripting News (after seven years of continuous blogging) and I'll miss reading it if he really does quit.

ClickNews! Internet Marketing blog

Lynn Terry is the force behind ClickNews! and I recommend that you read her news, observations, and commentary on the world of affiliate marketing.

She is usually a voice of fresh air and common sense in an industry that is dominated by "me, too" marketers.

John Dilbeck's blogs

I don't put myself into the class of the other bloggers on this page. I enjoy blogging and now and then I write something that I think others will find educational or informative. Still, blogging for me is still mostly a hobby, although I do earn a small profit from my blogging activities.

Here is a list of my weblogs and you're invited to visit them.

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